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We have been collecting obituaries for North Cumberland (see our map under ABOUT US for our area) for a number of years.  Some of them are from the Oxford Journal, some from funeral homes and other places.  

This collection of obituaries represents hours and hours of volunteer time.  We have sorted them according to their cemetery.  To check if we have one of interest to you, click on the cemetery.  There are many others buried in the cemetery - we just don't have their obituary - yet.

We can scan the obituary you wish for $5 to cover the cost.  We can also include a photo of the headstone and the person (if we have one) for an additional charge. If you would like a copy of an obituary, contact us at

This page is currently being updated with new information, so please be patient.


Conn's Mills Cemetery - To reach this cemetery, turn onto Conn's Mills Road from Thompson Road in Pugwash River. The cemetery is on your right and is set off from the road.

Fox Harbour - St. Andrew's United Church Cemetery - This cemetery is at 929 Ferry Road in Wallace. Turn on to Ferry Road from Highway 6. The cemetery is on your left beside St. Andrew United Church. 45°85'22"N 63°48'85"W.

Malagash - MacNab's Hill Cemetery - This cemetery is south off South Malagash Road on a private road called McNab Lane.

Northport Cemetery & Morash Cemetery - The Northport Cemetery was demolished. Morash Cemetery is off Mud Creek Road.

Northport Hillside Cemetery - This cemetery is on Highway 366 on the left side near Northport School. 45°63'87"N.

Port Howe Cemetery - This cemetery is off of Linden Shore Road or Highway 366.

Pugwash River Church Cemetery - This cemetery is at 641 Pugwash River Road on both sides of Pugwash River Church.

Richmond - Monument Hill Cemetery - This cemetery is on Highland Road off Malagash Road. 45°44'30"N   63°27'56"W.

St. Cornelius Roman Catholic Cemetery, West Wentworth - This cemetery is off Highway 4 on Ogilvie Road heading towards Streets Ridge. 45°41'35.1"N 63°37'55.7"W.

Wallace - Knox Cemetery - This cemetery is off Highway 6 between Kerr's Mills Road and the Ferry Road bridge in Wallace Bridge. 45°48"N 41"W.


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